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Hello family and friends,

A personal friend of ours introduced us to a man, Sasha, who was in great need of help. When the Russian army shot missiles at the Kiev infrastructure, his home outside of the city was also without electricity. What makes Sasha’s situation unique is that he has eleven children. The eleventh child is three months old. One word paints the picture of his need: WASHING MACHINE.

Add a few more words, and his need becomes a great need: REFRIGERATOR, WATER WELL PUMP, HEAT, and in general ELECTRICITY. Choose whose shoes you want to walk in for a day without electricity.
Imagine not just a day, but a whole year. Imagine being in the middle of a load of wash, taking a shower, or preparing a meal, and the electricity goes out. The water also stops running.

The 2022 MUCH Christmas fundraiser found a solution to this great need for this family of 13 people, a small tribe. We raised money to provide a generator large enough to meet their great need.

Thank you for meeting their immediate needs. Sasha and his family send you a very BIG THANK YOU video (2 minutes). Now that their great needs are met, they can continue being personally involved  in meeting the needs of others.

Please, watch

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