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Before my story, I would like to tell you – Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 Year! May the New Year will be blessing for you and fruitful in what you are doing for God. What is Christmas for many people? Christmas season is always about good wishes, unexpected gifts, biscuits and special feeling of mystery that is reigning in the air. I like Christmas very much and what is connected with this, the most mystery holy day. It is special holy day when both children and adults want their wishes and dreams to come true. Sasha, the girl about whom I wrote in some of my previous Ira’s Insights, has a special dream.

Recently, Mark, Svetlana (Mark’s special friend), and I visited Sasha. In the cold flat, we met Sasha, her aunt and her cousin, a little girl with big blue eyes. Svetlana has a very pleasant personality. In her presence, you always feel comfortable. From the first minutes of our visit, Svetlana and Sasha became good friends. Svetlana brought for Sasha a picture book of biblical stories. There was a real mystery in the air when Sasha opened the book, and Svetlana told her about it. It seemed it was the first time when Sasha held such a wonderful book in her hands. Looking at her, I was overwhelmed. There was something that I couldn’t even describe with words. With a great attention and interest, she was looking through the book and was listening Svetlana’s stories.

Then we spoke about Sasha’s visit to Israel. What she remembered the most were palms in Israel streets and of course nice doctors at the clinic. In a serious way, not as a child, she told Svetlana what doctors said to her mother. She told us a story of her life – most of what was being in hospitals and taking different meds. For me it was touching to hear such a story from the girl who is just seven-years-old.

Suddenly Sasha changed the subject of our conversation – she wanted to speak about Santa Claus (in our culture, it is Grandfather Frost) and what presents he would bring her. Have you ever spoken with a child who wanted such Christmas gifts as pencils, a ruler, erasers and to be able to dance as all children? It is her dream. Sasha shared it with us, kept asking us whether her dream would come true. I am sure everyone who is reading these lines about Sasha wishes her dreams to be reality. I believe that once a miracle will happen in her life, and she will be able to dance as all children.

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