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In Ukraine, Harvest or Thanksgiving Day is celebrated only in the churches. Many people out of the church can’t tell you what it means. It’s very sad. God has given us so much to be thanked for and many people even don’t know about this! I have a great hope that those who love God will continue to proclaim His deeds among unbelievers. May this special day be a blessing for each of you, filled with a significant meaning!

For me this year, autumn was special. I am so appreciative to God for His help through MUCH to a 7-year-old Ukrainian girl, Sasha, who is suffering from a rare disorder characterized by multiple joint contractures. And I am very glad that I work for MUCH, helping with translating and could put my little input to this big project.

As you know, MUCH has helped with some finances for Sasha and her mother, Natasha, to go to Israel Clinic for Sasha to be examined. I was one of the first people whom Natasha called when they returned. She was so excited and so thankful to those who helped her daughter to visit the Israel Clinic. It was first clinic where her daughter was examined so attentively by professional and experienced doctors. She handed me a thankful letter and a card made by her daughter to give to those who helped them. She told that she can’t even express with words what she feels. As a mother, she wants to tell a simple motherly “thank you” to everyone for the help with the trip.

For now, many things are not clear for her. She is still corresponding with the doctor from the Israel Clinic about the operations for her daughter–operations on her chest, spinal cord, arms, feet. First operations should be done on her chest and her spinal cord. . Because of the disease, bones of Sasha’s chest and her spinal cord have deformities that cause problems for her breathing. Some doctors at the Israel Clinic think that it is better for Sasha to have operations on her chest and spinal cord when she is ten. But, mother has been told that it is very important for Sasha to have those operations as soon as possible because the situation with her breathing is getting worse. It is vital for her health. As a mother, she is a little nervous about the unclear situation. We spoke much about God’s time, patience and trust to God.

Sometimes it seems to us that our steps are very little in what we do. Too many “but” appears on our way. I think it is a real art to overcome those “but” both physically and mentally. Our prayers, dreams are like traffic lights. When our prayers are answered, it is green light. Sometimes we meet “yellow light.” It’s test for our patience. It is a test how we trust our Heavenly Father. God is sovereign. It happens that we meet “red light” in our life. For some reasons, God doesn’t answer our prayers. We have to trust Him. Only He knows what is good for us in this or that life situation.

I believe that for Sasha and her mother it is “yellow light.” God will answer her prayers in the right time in His wonderful way. She is waiting for answers from doctors very patiently. As a mother, she wants those operations to be done in the nearest future but at the same time, she realizes that it is God who controls this situation. I am thankful to God that now she has comfort in her heart about the operations and pray that God will continue to give her His wisdom.

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