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My best wishes to all in 2011! I am full of hope that God will bless each of us: our countries, our homes, and our ministries. The whole new 2011 year is ahead of us. It is like a clean sheet of paper in front of us. And each of us is an author. In the end of this year, I wish for everybody to see visible results of her or his work.

I pray God will bless MUCH ministries with His blessing in 2011 and I believe that God will bless you much more through these ministries. I heard a saying that in helping people in need we become more sympathetic, sensitive, God-fearing and morally upright.

One of the newest programs that MUCH has started is the Froonza Massage Clinic. This clinic is an unexpected realization of some mothers’ desire to have a local massage clinic for children with Cerebral Palsy. In spite of being situated close to the city of Saki, where there is a big rehabilitation center, not many mothers from Froonza could take their children to Saki for some professional massage help. The initiative of MUCH caused the Froonza Massage Clinic to begin. Of course, God was the designer of it. It was God Who opened hearts of many people: a masseur to work with special children, officials to share a room for massage and many other things.

For today, we have some good, visible results. Ann is the supervisor of the Froonza Massage Clinic. She lives in Froonza and very often communicates with parents whose children attend the clinic. The first result that was obvious for all mothers – children who were hyperactive before the massage became calmer and children who showed some indifference to the life around became more active. Ann says that the lives of all mothers and their children have changed. In the clinic, there is a three-and-a-half-year-old boy, Misha, who is suffering from Cerebral Palsy. He is a very active and lovely boy. Misha can walk but he doesn’t keep balance well when he walks. Massage at the clinic has helped him to have more stability when he walks. Misha’s results are so obvious and good that now his mother can work some hours a day leaving Misha with his grandmother. Misha’s mother hopes that, thanks to massage in Froonza, her child will have some even better results.

A new opportunity and a whole new future for the children in Froonza will help them to have a better self-image in their future, and it will give more comfort to their mothers’ hearts. I thank everybody who makes these children happier, who brings some stability to their families.

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