Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope has two major ministries, the Orphanage/School in Marganets and the Massage Therapy Clinic in Illichevsk. The outreach of MUCH has expanded from a small beginning when Mark Koehler became aware of the Emmaus Club Food Program for neighborhood children (since closed down). This safe haven for disadvantaged children was trying to meet their many needs with a limited budget. Mark recognized the value of the program, particularly the hot meals the children receive, and he began to seek funds to support the program. Then a friend in Marganets, which is some 300 miles away, asked if Mark could find help for the children at the local orphanage. After he visited the orphanage and saw the results of years of limited funding, he came away determined to find a way to improve the lives of these children. Finally, in March 2004, Mark discovered in Illichevsk the great need of children with physical disabilities for basic services. From a small beginning, the Massage Therapy Clinic is now a full day program conducted five days a week. MUCH is a young organization. As it becomes more widely known and financial support increases, other ministries will be considered.

Read Letters of Appreciation from children of Marganets Orphanage/School and Emmaus Christian Club and the manager of House of Hearts.