Orphanage in Dobromel

Massage Therapy

After a few years of building relationships with Pastor Volodya and Director Mikola, Mark’s heart was hurting for the children in this Orphanage/School for Children with Physical and Mental Disabilities. He was seeing good results with the children in the Chornomorsk and Froonza massage programs, so why not here? This small mountain community is about ten kilometers from the border with Poland.

In October, 201P1010097A1, Sveta, who was Mark’s fiancee at the time, went to Dobromel to live in the orphanage and give a massage therapy demonstration for the children, that lasted twenty days. After seeing good results, the program was accepted by the Director. It began in January 2012 with a part-time massage therapist Natasha, working with four children each day, during a twenty-day program.

In September 2015, a second massage therapist Paul joined out team in Dobromel orphanage. He brought his own passion to help the children.

Computer classes

In 2011, the Dobromel Orphanage received about 20 laptop computers from the government. Although, it would not provide funding for a teacher. Also, it seemed that none of the teachers new much about computers.
In 2013, we began sponsoring one computer teacher to provide a class for children interested in learning about computers. In 2015, we began to support a second one.

The two computer teachers, Luba and Olga, are very passionate about teaching the children computer skills. These classes will change the futures of these children dramatically.