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Friends and supporters of MUCH,

In our letter a few months ago we wrote about Andrew and Tanya who had been asking the Lord to show them how they can help people in their village. We asked our gracious supporters to help us buy a rototiller so Andrew could plow the fields of the women whose husbands went to war. 

Thanks to you, we were able to purchase a rototiller for them. It arrived in three large boxes. It took two days for Andrew and his friend to assemble all the parts. They were very excited when they finished.

The next day, Andrew plowed an entire large garden in one day. The woman was very grateful and happy that her garden was plowed in such a short time. She quickly planted vegetables!

Andrew tilled two more gardens. The total of three gardens tilled was .7 of one acre.

Because of your help, Andrew and Tanya’s dream became a reality. This rototiller will serve people of this village for many years.

Andrew and Tanya expressed their gratitude to you for your generous support.

Two families from their village also joined in their vision. Twice a week, they help Tanya prepare dinners for the needy in their village. They are also planning to plant a lot of vegetables and preserve them, preparing for the winter. It will be good to have vegetables and preserves stored to feed people in the coming winter.

Andrew also has a dream of having a small excavator. He wants to build other buildings on his land to serve the people of his village. All in God’s time!

Now people see God’s love in action. Everything Andrew and Tanya do for others, is done in the Name of the Lord Jesus. People see good deeds and glorify the Heavenly Father! This is what we live for, so that we are not glorified, but our Lord! This is the purpose of our mission.

When you help one person, you are doing good. When you help a person who helps many others, you are doing something even greater. 

May God bless our supporters who make our mission possible.

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