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A Message from the Children to Our Sponsors

It was very difficult for us last year. On February 24, 2022, the Russian invasion began, changing the life of every Ukrainian. The war stole the gift of a peaceful and innocent childhood.

Even with the conditions of war, we continue to get an education. During air strikes/missile attacks, we are forced to stay underground. It is a little bit scary in the shelter, but we sing, play games, pray, communicate, and support each other. Due to problems with electricity, we are without light for hours. We do not lose heart. We know and believe that one day this horror will end and we will be able to live without fear in a free and happy country.

Like every Ukrainian today, we strive to be useful, so we help adults. In our free time from studying. We make blanks for trench candles for soldiers on the front line. We want to give a piece of warmth and light to the Ukrainian military. In addition, we weave bracelets, and charms for our soldiers. We draw pictures, because we want Ukrainian soldiers to know that we love them, support them and thank them for the opportunity to live and study.

We, Ukrainian children, want peace. We long for warmth and goodness, freedom and independence. Every day we turn to God, praying about it.

Life goes on and we continue studying in the computer class. Thank you, dear sponsors, for your generous support. We are grateful that you understand how we feel and continue to support our needs.

The Children of Ukraine

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