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Photo of Ukrainian gift boxes in blue and yellow with pine branches

Annual Christmas Fundraiser

Dobromel Orphanage Massage Therapy and Computer programs and Froonza Massage Therapy Clinic Honor a friend or relative this Christmas by making a donation in their name.

Hello family and friends,

Sveta has two stories of the children that she wants to share with you! 

Sveta’s Journey

How many times can we connect the same story to different children? This story is about a little boy, Kolya, who is an orphan. He believes that his mother is alive and went to a country faraway to make money, which is very common in Ukraine. He waits for the day when she will come back, and they will be together forever. I do not know why he thinks about her like this; but of course, every child has an invisible connect with his mother.

Kolya wrote a letter to his mom (the teacher wrote to his dictation), where he talks about his great love for his mom and waiting for when she returns. In the letter, the boy asked his mother to send him these things: roller blades, a skateboard, phone, real car, and chocolate. He believes that there will be a time when he will meet with his mother.

He brought this letter to the massage therapist, Natalia, to share his feelings with her. At this time, Mark and I were in the massage room, and Natalia was busy giving massage to another child. Kolya let me read his letter addressed to his mother. When I read his letter aloud, Kolya stood close by and a smile lit up his face. It was evident that he truly believes and waits for her. He probably falls asleep every night dreaming about his mother and what great adventures they will have.

The next day, Mark and I gave Kolya a beautiful knitted vest. It was made by a woman in Illichevsk. We brought four to the orphanage and gave them to the children that they were made for. I helped him to put it on, as his eyes were wide with joy. He enjoyed this new treasure. Kolya is an amazing boy. Like every child, he needs love and care. At the orphanage he gets it, and especially through the massage therapist, Natalia. She gave Kolya two 20-day courses of massage that yielded results in his physical and emotional recovery.

Your donations touch children through the hands of the massage therapist and bring changes in their lives. This is a huge help! I cannot even imagine that the massage program at the orphanage of Dobromel may stop. It is very necessary for the children!

Lilya studies in the sixth grade; her parents are deprived of parental rights. She did not receive love and care from her parents. They did not guide or discipline her when she needed it. Lilya has a complex and difficult character; she lacks interest in anything. To be photographed with her I had to make an effort, begging her for a few days.

She came to the computer classroom but refused to participate. She just watched what the children were doing. Therefore, the task of the teacher, Vladimir, was for Lilya to find something of interest, and begin the learning process. He created a theoretical conversation in the form of a game. When he finally caught her attention and interest, he invited her to play the same game on the computer. A child’s bewitching storybook tale comes to life.

After the first exciting game, Lilya became interested and Vladimir began to teach her how to work with the keyboard. He then asked Lilya to copy the text that was written on the whiteboard. Upon her refusal, Vladimir found a new approach. He asked her to write a letter to Holy Nicholas (New Years Eve all the children write letters and ask about gifts from Holy Nicholas). Of course, Lilya wanted to get gifts and she started typing letters. It was difficult to find the letters on the keyboard, but she was trying very hard! Lilya’s adventures in the sixth grade have begun anew. The computer has given new interest in education to the children.

Thanks to your financial support of this teacher for this computer class, Lilya can learn to use a computer and open new doors of opportunity in her future. Lilya, along with other children here in the orphanage, will have the opportunity to learn the same new skills as children outside the orphanage.

Living my dream


Christmas at the Orphanage 

Christmas is a special time of year for all children. Their imaginations are filled with characters and creatures from the stories of their culture. In Ukraine, they dream of Father Christmas, the Snow Princess, and the animals of the forest. Holy Nicholas, popular in the more religious northwestern Ukraine, has a spiritual foundation that the churches encourage.

In the orphanages, Christmas is not about receiving gifts. The staff does their best to provide a joyous New Years/Christmas experience for the children. There is a program that lasts a few hours, and then life goes back to normal. It is unfortunate that the children have such a shallow experience of the holidays. But you can brighten up their lives for all of 2014 with your donation. You can continue to change their lives and their futures.

Thank you so much for your help during the year, and most of all during this holiday season.

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

Help our children have a brighter life because of your gift this Christmas.

Donate in memory of loved ones or in honor of friends or family!

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