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Hello family and friends,

A new adventure has begun for Sveta and me. We moved to a small town and are meeting new people, experiencing new terrain, rules, lifestyle, and getting around in a new part of the country. We maintain train and bus transportation; one of my joys is using public transport. We have a year lease on the house in our small town, and are happy for the opportunity to stretch our wings in new directions. Our activities with MUCH continue to provide encouragement and financial help through the various groups written about in the Sept. 7 update. Life is good when you have purpose and are walking in the path that God has set for us.

Mark’s Moment

In our July, 4 update, we wrote about a pastor in Ovidiopol and his church. This update, I would like to look more deeply into Platon and his son’s ministry of outreach. The war has divided their family, sending his wife and daughter to Germany. Platon and Daniel remained to do what they could for the war effort.

This father/son story is amazing. I met Daniel when he was four years old. I watched him grow through the years. His education was almost complete when the war came to town. At this point in his life, Daniel was maturing both mentally and spiritually. The opportunity to walk by his father’s side, down the road of service to those in need was now on his plate.

At this time Platon had already risen to the position of pastor in the Ovidiopol Church. For a number of years, he had been building the congregation of this church in wonderful ways. Now the time had come to serve his congregation in a deeper way. Platon and Daniel connected with World Vision to receive boxes of food to distribute. Other local groups provide bags of food or supplies.

To have such an experience of giving, of extreme service, most would have to go to another country. Platon and Daniel step out of their house, and their mission is waiting for them. The danger is waiting for them. Delivering food and supplies to people in need is not their greatest task. Platon and Daniel bring the Gospel to the people along with food, supplies and a Bible, if they need one. They are living the truth of the Gospel.

The church stands as a symbol of hope, a symbol of provision. Platon has an awesome task. People are flocking to churches. Platon’s church is filled to standing room only on Sundays. This is his grand opportunity to share the truth, the love, compassion, and grace of the God that he serves. This opportunity could not be more timely. People are looking for God, God is waiting with a personal relationship. Platon could not ask for a better opportunity to share this Gospel of New Life.

As of September 30, 4,183,841 Ukrainian refugees from Ukraine registered for Temporary Protection or similar national protection schemes in Europe. That is about 10% of the Ukrainian population. The other 36,900,000 are struggling to survive as the atrocious Ukrainian/Russian war approaches winter. Thank you for reading our stories of life in Ukraine at this most challenging time. Thank you to those who sponsor our mission, helping people in need through those that we know.

We thank God for working through Sveta and me, from this distant neighboring country of Poland.

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

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