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Telling the people about
the love of Jesus Christ.

After one hour of news from a variety of YouTube news channels, I have had enough bad news. My soul needs some Good News. The people of Ukraine are the same, but are living the bad news. MUCH is all about compassion. It always has been, and will continue to be.

This update focuses on two ministries that MUCH is sponsoring during wartime.

Sasha, the father of 11 children, cares not only for his family but also for other people. He and his team of teenagers and youth are happy to go to the roads and outskirts to tell people about the love of Jesus Christ. During the Christmas holidays, they visited many places, including eight villages during the week. Many people invited Sasha and the children into their homes so that their families could listen to them play instruments and sing.

In one village, they visited the same two elderly women for two years. These women always look forward to the children to pray together, listen to the Word of God, and hear poems and songs with the accompaniment of the guitar.

In the second village, the head of the club was not sure that people would come. But even if they do come, when there is an air raid siren, it will be necessary to stop everything and go to the shelter.

As God would have it, everything was fine. People came; there was no air raid siren. Among the audience of twenty, there were people who heard and accepted the true love of God for the first time.

Sasha and the children summed up their work and are very grateful to God for protecting them, helping them, and acting in people’s hearts. Sasha thanks all our MUCH partners for supporting this wonderful ministry of compassion and Good News!

MUCH sponsors the church that Mark and I attend in Mykolaiv. After two year of the war, the people of our city have not rebuilt their lives, or the building that were destroyed. Their is plenty of need still waiting to be met. Our church reaches out with compassion to many in and around our city that was bombed two years ago.

The pastor continues to provide water three times a week for the village of Afanasiivka. Money that MUCH raised through you, our wonderful sponsors and partners, pays for the fuel needed to continue this life giving ministry of compassion beyond the Christmas Season.

I, (Sveta), have visited the village. It is very unsettling for me to see how these people are existing after the flood. Each time that our volunteer, Valya, and I visit, we become more attached to the people.  Love and compassion in our hearts grow.

The villagers of Afanasiivka are also very grateful to you, our dear partners, for helping them to have the opportunity to drink clean water!

Thank you so much!

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