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MUCH has sponsored a wonderful massage therapist, Natasha, in the Dobromel Orphanage for twelve years. She works with disadvantaged children. She has a new client, fourteen-year-old Rima. This child has a rare genetic condition called Rett Syndrome. Rima can’t walk, but she can stand!

The symptomatic picture of the disease includes mental retardation, curvature of the spine and decreased muscle tone. It is common for these children who do not walk to spend their lives in wheelchairs. The disease cannot be cured, but if the child is helped over time, it is possible to slow down the development of, or prevent, complications.

When Rima first met Natasha, she was not comfortable being touched by Natasha. After two months of one-minute visits, Rima progressively allowed longer treatments, now a full hour.

Natasha provides this treatment to prevent scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and to maintain muscle strength in her arms and legs. Rima’s parents and Natasha do their best to maintain the results and prevent the girl’s condition from worsening.

How can a Vibroplatform help children? It effectively relieves muscle tightness and relaxes areas with muscle spasms. Using the device allows restoration of muscle activity and affects deeper layers of muscle. These layers cannot be worked out by classical massage. Vibrations of different frequencies and amplitudes improve motor activity and fine motor skills, relieve emotional tension, and maintain positive emotional levels.

Natasha is asking you, dear friends, to help purchase a Vibroplatform and Profilator Evminow for her massage clinic, which she opened a few years ago. The total cost for both is $769. This will be a great support for many disadvantaged children with whom Natasha works!

The Profilator Evminow stretches the spine using angles of the board pictured above, natural body weight, and time. This is a highly effective method of treating spinal column compression, and scoliosis.

Sveta and I have tried out these items. We understand and appreciate the function and value of each.

For the parents of the children and for Natasha, your help in purchasing these two devices will be a great encouragement, understanding that they are not alone, that they have your support! Thank you!

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