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Can you make a person happy in a difficult time of his life?

Yes, you can! That’s what you are doing! Your donations help immensely! YOU are an irreplaceable part of our team!

People write to us and express great gratitude to you, dear friends. You have changed their lives in this time of war and severe trials. The electricity is often cut off and the houses are cold. When people do not have work, and when the prices of everything have increased 300%, the war continues to crush the people of Ukraine.

You recently helped two families buy wood for heat and cooking. You helped buy goats, chickens, feed, straw, and hay! Now their houses are warm and they have milk and eggs! Andriy and Tanya, and Luda with her daughter and granddaughter are grateful to you. They are happy despite their difficult lives! We believe that, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) Success in life is not measured by how much we have gained, but by how much we have given to help others!

Your gifts provide massage therapy, humanitarian aid, evacuation and relocation, basic needs of individual people, families, and soldiers.Our soldier/son and his team also are very grateful to you. Your gifts provided winter sleeping bags, thermal socks, a generator, binoculars, a chainsaw, drinking water filter systems, raincoats, thermoses, and winter boots!

Sasha, for whose family we are asking you to help raise money to buy a generator for his large family, wrote about previous help for his mission. In a timely fashion, he was able to buy diapers for an elderly woman, and bring food to other needy people. He diligently serves people in his, and other communities. Sasha is a family man, spending quality time serving his large family.

(Vera and Maria are now living in Germany as refugees.) Vera is grateful to you! A year has passed, but Vera, who takes care of her disabled granddaughter, Maria, still remembers the help that she received from you last winter, dear sponsors. You provided utilities for their home, keeping them warm for the entire season. Yesterday, when I spoke with her on the phone, she cried. She said that you, who do not know her and her granddaughter helped them in their difficult times. For her, this was a miracle and she experienced God’s love!

We continue to keep in touch with the people who received your help. All of them are always grateful for your kind hearts! We appreciate your donations! You can see how they make a long-term impact!

Can you make a person happy in a difficult time of his life? Yes, you can! That is what you are doing! Your donations help immensely!

Wishing you God’s grace!

Sveta and Mark

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