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This time I’d like to continue Mark’s story about the Marganets orphanage and the program that has been provided there for a couple of years. I think that it is one of the unique programs or ministries that MUCH has. This is the Drug and Alcohol program that was started with efforts of Mark Koehler. It was him who had seen the need of the children and invited a wonderful woman, Nadyezhda, from Illichevsk Charismatic Church to visit the children and to give them some lessons.

I had the privilege to translate for Mark when Nadyezhda visited the orphanage. She is a very spiritual Christian who can see needs of others, who can understand you and find the right words of comfort.

The lessons that she gave were a pilot program and had great success. The children listened to her very attentively and asked her different questions. After the lessons they followed her and wanted just to be around her.

Mark’s vision was to find a person in Marganets who would have a special heart for the children. He wanted to teach this person how to give these special lessons to the children.

Today this program is held with the help of local Charismatic Church. Each time when I call to Helen, the woman who gives these lessons to the children of the orphanage, I ask her about the progress that they have with the children. Helen says that the children like to spend time at her lessons. She tries to give them as much attention as she can even after the lesson. She says that the children are special; they need more motherly love, and they are looking for it. Helen says that many of the children whose behavior was awful have become more calm and disciplined. Each time before the lesson, she prays for her little students. She wants God to open their spiritual ears for them to change their lives in the future.

I also have a great hope that this program will give these children some knowledge about God and help them to live a full Christian life in the future. I think that everybody understands the importance of such lessons. It is obvious that this program is a real help for them. Some fruits of the program we can see today but the greatest progress we will see tomorrow. Today we sow seeds of love into the hearts of these poor children and later they will bring forth fruit in their lives. Our task today is to pray for these children to become serious about their lives. I am very appreciative to those who help with prayers and with finances to continue this ministry for these special ones.

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