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Each little patient of MUCH has his or her unique story and each of them is special. I like to write about these children because your efforts produce great results in them. Praise God! The produced results can be different: it can be visual when we see a disabled child walking or invisible when parents and their children are encouraged by our care. The clinic, masseuses, our help to individuals, and the rehabilitation center in Illichevsk – these are life for children in need and their families! I am thankful to God for those who have been putting their input to “build this life for the children”. Personally I am proud to be a part of it. A bit of financial help or a prayer can change the life of a child, can give him hope.

I believe I have already written about Roman N. I don’t know why, but this time God has given me the desire to write about him and tell you what has changed in his life.

Let me remind you about his story. Roman is a child with cerebral palsy who was called a vegetable by doctors when he was born. He had several operations on his spinal cord and feet. None of the doctors could even think that this child would be more clever than other children of his age. When he was almost two years old, he could recite long poems by heart. Roman is growing up in a big family. He has two sisters and a younger brother. His mother has been taking all her efforts to help Roman to walk.

I remember Roman was several months old when I saw his mother at the church first time after Roman had been born. Before, she had been at the hospital with Roman where he had several operations. I came up to her to encourage her and tell her about the clinic of MUCH where the children with the similar problems had benefit from massage and exercises. I didn’t know how to start to speak to her because it was difficult to sow a seed of hope in the heart of the mother who didn’t see any future for her child as the doctors had told her. Since that time Roman has been a patient of the clinic. He is a very sociable. Today he walks with the help of his mother or holding on to a bench. No doctor can predict whether he will walk by himself or not. In spite of doctors’ prediction, Roman’s parents believe that the future of their child will be much better than doctors say. They believe that one day their child will be able to make steps.

Roman’s family is only one example of hope that MUCH gives. I know that there are many more families whom MUCH has helped, has encouraged. With what can we compare this great feeling of satisfaction, knowing that our little help can produce a great faith in the hearts of discouraged people for better future of their children? I pray that God continue to bless MUCH to give confidence to such families as Roman’s, to sow a little seed of hope for their future.

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