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Today there is a difficult economic situation in the world.

Almost everyone speaks about this everywhere; you can hear about these problems and they may depress you. In spite of all these problems, God continues to show His grace and wisdom through His people. He continues to change the lives and minds of people. We just need to look around us to notice this. It will bring joy to our hearts and remind us of God’s promises.

I’d like to share a story with you that I witnessed. As you know Emmaus is a club for children from difficult homes. When you speak with the children, or only see them, you can’t understand the situation of their lives. Only within a personal conversation can you realize what lives they live, what personal tragedy each of them has.

Mark has begun a tradition of speaking to the children at Emmaus every other Friday. Usually he tells them different situations from his life. Mark’s stories initiate a conversation between the children and him. They begin to ask him questions. Very often children stay after “Mark’s story” to speak about their lives. When I translated one such conversation, I was very surprised what problems this child has to cope with in her young life. I see that God himself speaks to these children through Mark.

Through Mark’s answers I see the children comprehend what God’s love is and what they need to do with the adult problems of their families in their child world. The answers are so clear for the children’s inquisitive minds that I am sure they have received understanding for their vital questions.

When I translate such conversations and see the children’s eyes, it again reminds me that God always is in time, He always acts in His wonderful ways. He always is ready to give comfort to the hearts of the people who are in need…

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