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More than three years ago Nastya G. became a patient of MUCH clinic.

At that time she was three-and-a-half years old. Because of Cerebral palsy she couldn’t walk by herself. She walked on her tip-toes holding on her mother’s hand. She had much spasticity in her lower and upper extremities. The girl manipulated with her hands very badly. It was difficult for her to hold a ball or to hold a pencil to draw.

Time has passed and today she is a real beautiful young girl with big brown eyes and nice smile who can walk by herself. Nastya is a student of the first grade at the special school for children with mental and physical disabilities. She is a clever girl who studies well. She likes to draw; she likes to play with play-dough, a ball and the most of all she likes to walk.

Nastya’s mother wants her daughter to enter another school this year. That school is a regular secondary school that is situated very close to the place where they live. Nastya’s mother thinks that it will be easier for her daughter to go to the school that is close to her house. The current school is like a preparation for Nastya for the first grade of a secondary school.

Yes, the mother can choose a school for her daughter for one big reason – her daughter can walk by herself. To walk is a great privilege for any child with Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. A great input has been done by MUCH organization for Nastya to walk today. Nastya’s ability to play started with MUCH.

Nastya’s achievements are rewards for many people – her mother, masseuses and of course people who send their finances to help such as Nastya. For me Nastya is an obvious example of how God works through our hearts, how He changes not only lives of such children as Nastya but also changes hearts of adults.

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