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Each time when I get encouraging emails about “Ira’s insight” it gives me only one thought – I am very thankful to my God, for He inspires me to write, to put my thoughts on paper.

I do know that some miraculous things happen in the life. Especially when you think that this or that couldn’t be because of these or those circumstances, but when something wonderful happens in our lives we usually say – “Oh, it’s a miracle!”

I hope that very soon one of such “miracles” will become a reality for mothers and their children from the organizations for the disabled in Illichevsk. This miracle is called “hippo therapy” (equine therapy, or horse therapy). This type of therapy for the disabled is widely used in many countries. Mark, himself, brought to Ukraine some videos about this therapy after his visit to America. He also brought an idea to have this therapy in Illichevsk. In the middle of my story with my question I want to remind you one incredible thing: — Do you know how God work in our lives? -Yes, right. – He gives the same idea to different people.

And I am a real witness of it. About two weeks ago, a group of mothers and their children had a meeting with Mark where they asked to fulfill one dream – to have “hippo therapy” in Illichevsk. Then when Mark had a meeting with one of the city officials, she told us the same – her dream is to have a trained horse that could be brought in the yard of the rehabilitation centre twice a week for our children to ride. Isn’t it a miracle? God is doing what He wants through different people, but He gives them the same idea!

And recently Mark spoke to one of the members of Odessa Rotary Club who lives in Illichevsk. When Mark asked that person to help with this new idea, he told that it’s possible and what we need to do is to present the project to the Rotary Club.

This story has happened in a short period of time. For me it is a real miracle that God wants it to become a reality for many disabled children of Illichevsk. My hope is that very soon in “Ira’s insights” I will write about the success of “hippo therapy”.

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