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Hello family and friends,
One year ago, I watched as Russia invaded Ukraine for the second time in my twenty years living in this post-soviet country. In my first year, a Christian friend who grew up in Russia, made a statement that I could not believe. He said with a somber expression on his face, “We are planting as many churches as fast as we can, before Russia comes back to Ukraine.”

I was new to Europe, particularly Ukraine. My Christian American mind could not comprehend the incomplete action of the “Iron Curtain” falling down. Twelve years after Ukraine won their independence, I witnessed a country in change. What I, and many others, didn’t understand was that Russia still controlled the government of Ukraine. This became quite obvious in the course of the 2004 Ukraine presidential election.

This year has been a most arduous experiences for Sveta and me. The future results of the war are yet to be seen. Today, February 24, One year of war with Russia (2 minutes) is witness to the champion spirit of the people of Ukraine. We are winning the war! Some say that we have already won the war.

Radio free Europe shows:

How Territorial Control Has Changed Hands In Ukraine Over The Past Year, scroll down to see the interactive map

Thank you for being a part of the international team against Russian oppression!
Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

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