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Hello family and friends,

Great News!

The Christmas fundraiser received $5,750

Our goal was $7,000

With this wonderful amount, we can provide for the multiple needs for Alyona’s family (October newsletter) and utilities for Vera’s family for four more months of cold weather. The balance will be used to supplement the massage therapy program which has been growing the past few years. God is showing us future growth that was not expected. I will tell more about that in the February newsletter.

Alyona and Vera are very thankful for your helping them through this difficult winter season!

Vera said, “My heart is overflowing with gratitude to people who are not indifferent to me and my granddaughter! My heart is overflowing with gratitude to God! When Mark and Sveta told me that the heating could be turned on today, I cried with joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much for your help! God bless you and meet all the needs that you have!” (reprint from the November newsletter).

Alyona has had such a difficult year, one more stress in her life arrived the day before Christmas. Her twelve year old son, Dennis, died. He received massage therapy for most of his twelve years. Sveta and I helped to pay for the burial plot. Alyona begins 2022 with a grateful heart to MUCH for our help with her winter utilities, and the birthing of her baby in February. Once again, she says,
“Thank you for your generosity toward my family and me. I cannot find the words to express the deep value that I have for your timely help. God Bless You.”

Mark’s Moments

If you were to come to Ukraine, wanting to reproduce what God has done through MUCH these past eighteen years, you might ask these two questions. ” Where do you find massage therapists or people wanting to become massage therapists?” You can read the answer to this question in our April 2021 Newsletter. The second question may be, “Where do you find children in need of massage therapy?” The answer to this question is the story for this newsletter:

Our neighbor, Luba, broke her leg. When I say neighbor, I mean to say that she and her husband have a house and garden diagonal to Sveta’s and my home. They work their garden and orchard, but they live in the city.

Luba called Sveta and asked if she could help her with details for a hospital visit (helping her husband guide the wheel chair on icy walk ways and standing in line for hours). In the process, Luba’s husband found a neighbor in their high rise who had a wheelchair that they could rent. The wheelchair belonged to a teenager by the name of Diana. That is how we met Diana.

Sveta’s Journey

Here is Diana’s story. She was born a healthy child. When Diana was vaccinated against polio at the age of eight months, her mother soon discovered that her daughter could not stand firmly and confidently as she had before. Diana’s muscles were paralyzed. Many times she was treated in hospitals, but this did not give any result. Diana had no choice but to sit in a wheelchair.

Diana’s school lessons were provided at home. Now she is studying at the university level, studying languages: English and Latin. This year, she wants to transfer to an online sociology course. With the money allocated by the state for people who received COVID-19 vaccinations, Diana bought three books on psychology. She is a very determined girl. In her dreams, Diana sees herself not in a wheelchair, but walking the streets and helping others in their difficulties. She has strong personal convictions. We believe that Jesus will make her dreams and visions come true.

One dream, to learn how to play the synthesizer, became a reality last month. The Capernaum club gave her a used synthesizer. Our relative, who has a musical education, comes to Diana’s home and teaches her how to play the keyboard.

Of course, providing a massage treatment on a bed is not very comfortable for a massage therapist, but what can you do. Enna finds a solution in any situation.

Living my dream,


Thank you again, sponsors! Your contributions to the Christmas fundraiser is changing lives as you read this letter. Two warm homes, and massage treatments for many children are a reality because of your gifts. God Bless You!

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

You can see all of our videos at our YouTube channel.

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