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Hello family and friends,

June brought a lot of rain, but that didn’t stop us from having fun! The grandchildren visited, playing outside in their make believe world.

Sveta planted the Willow tree a few years ago with a vision of a shady place for the children. Her vision grew, right along with the tree.

Every sunny day! is an opportunity for barbecued chicken, beef, or pork (shashleek). Our fireman and two cooks did a superb job.

It is a joy to see three generations working together for a common goal!

Sveta’s Journey

When some parents have a big family and do not take care of their children, sometimes older children take responsibility for the care of their younger brothers and sisters. This happened to twelve-year-old Ira. But she could not bear such a great burden of responsibility. She ran away from home. Her parents did not even contact the police about their daughter’s disappearance. She lived on the street and did not go to school. To earn money for food, Ira went to the forest to pick flowers and break off branches from coniferous trees to sell in the “flea market”.

These photos show Ira in her first days at the Transition Home and the second photo was taken two months later.

At the “flea market” the policeman’s attention was drawn to Ira. She was selling flowers, her clothes were dirty, and Ira looked very untidy. So Ira ended up in the Transition Home. The girl was washed, lice was removed from her hair, and her outer appearance was transformed. Her inner being was in need of very much attention and love. Because she was coughing heavily, she was prescribed treatment and massage therapy. So Albina, our massage therapist, had the opportunity to touch the life of this girl. Ira embraced the love and care of the people around her. Here at the Transition Home, she receives even more love and care than she was able to give to her siblings at home.

Olya was brought to the Transition Home from another city. The government took her away from her parents because they abuse alcohol and of course do not take care of their daughter. Olya thinks that she is in a general health sanatorium. The environment, sleeping facility, and receiving massage therapy may have given her this idea. It is possible that she does not understand that she was taken from her parents. She really enjoys massage especially hand and palm massage. 

Katya has problems with the muscles of her legs and the doctor prescribed massage therapy for her. After a ten-day course of massage, the calf and ankle muscles relaxed and the pain went away.Olya and Katya became friends here at the Transition Home. They also found a friend in the person of Albina, the massage therapist. She has great love for each child and a personal path to everyone’s heart. All children who receive massage therapy become Albina’s friend. Because to this friendship, their characters, outlook on life, and behavior change in positive and wonderful ways.

Living my dream,


Sveta and I thank God for Albina. She is a person who positively influences children. Thank you so much dear family and friends for your prayers and financial help. Without you, these children would not be able to receive the loving and caring massage therapy treatment that they so desperately need.

Thank you for following our stories of what God is doing through MUCH in Ukraine. Please continue to pray, share our stories with your friends, and contribute when you can.

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

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