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Hello family and friends,

It looks as if spring has sprung here in Ukraine. The temperatures are in the low 50s F. I am still anticipating a late snow that may be heavy but will only last a few days. The weather here by the Black Sea is unpredictable.

I will begin by telling you some good news. The MUCH Board of Directors has approved a 20-day demonstration massage program at the Dobromel Orphanage. While I am in America, Svetlana, my fiancée, who is a certified massage therapist, will live in Dobromel during the month of October with a family from Pastor Volodya’s church. She will provide massage for three or four of the children, documenting with video their before-and-after conditions. If, after viewing the results, the administration approves a regular program, this will open a new door for these children, changing their lives in ways that no one has even imagined.

While we are on the topic of massage, amazing results are pouring out of Froonza. In October of 2010, MUCH launched the massage program in this village of 3,000 people on the peninsula of Crimea, Ukraine. The inspiration for this program developed in September of 2009, while I visited a family of thirteen children; seven of them are foster children. One of them, twelve-year-old Kolya, was born with cerebral palsy.


For fourteen days, Kolya and I walked to the school; it was only a dream that he would ever be a student there. Teachers come to his home to teach him because he must be able to walk independently to attend the school. Kolya has been receiving massage for 20 days every month for the last five months. In five months time, his progress has been amazing. As of the beginning of March, Kolya’s legs are much straighter, top to bottom, and his legs are not twisted to either side. Most of all, he is now using two canes to assist his walking, instead of the forearm crutches that you see in the picture above.

Kolya’s receives his first massage.

I projected that Kolya would be walking normally within two years. With continued massage treatment, he may beat my expectations by one year.

It seems that good news travels fast! Children with disabilities from other villages have begun to participate in the Froonza program. When God opens a door, look out!

The month of May will mark the end of my ninth year living in Ukraine. In that time, God has brought more that 500 children into my life. Sasha and Kolya are only two of the many children who are helped by your support. It is my desire to share more personal success stories and stories of their needs with you. I want you to understand the great personal impact that you are having on so many lives. Thank you for helping me change the world one life at a time. Please continue to pray for all of the MUCH team as we continue to answer His call.

Blessings of love and healing,


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