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Hello family and friends,

Sveta and I will be in America between October 14 and November 28, give or take a day. If any of you would like us to visit with you, we would be happy to do so. We will be in the Greensboro area October 15 through November 7. Please reply to this newsletter, or write to us at

Mark’s Moments

Our journey to Dobromel in western Ukraine began with a ten minute bus to Mykolaiv, and a thirty minute bus to the train station. The next twenty-three hours Sveta and I talked with cabin mates on the train and caught up on much needed sleep. At the Lviv train/bus station we quickly found a bus to Veleeky Lubin where we stayed overnight in the empty infirmary at the orphanage. After visiting with the director and the children, we took a bus to Sambir. From there our final hour of our journey by bus took us to Dobromel.

While at the Dobromel Orphanage, we visited our two Ukrainian massage therapists, our Ukrainian computer teacher, the school psychologist, and of course, the children. We visited Ternava village school, about three and a half miles south of Dobromel, and Migovo village school, about three and a half miles south west of Dobromel.

Dobromel Orphanage

Five years ago, Natalia began the massage therapy program at the orphanage. This summer she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She continues to provide massage therapy, but with a different schedule and for different needs. Now she provides massage therapy for children with emotional or psychological problems for three non-consecutive days a week.

Ten-year-old Galina was a very uncontrollable child when I met her three years ago. Her diagnosis is hyperactivity. Natalia is beginning a massage therapy program for Galina that will overcome this disorder.

Through her need to be with her child, she has broadened the scope of what MUCH is doing at Dobromel! Now Paul is focussing on children with physical disabilities and Natalia is working with children who have emotional and psychologically related disorders.

Paul continues to fine-tune his therapeutic skills of massage. He works with children who have muscular imbalance, scoliosis, and other posture problems. After his time fighting for his country, he now turns his attention and talents to the healing arts.

Construction classes

Paul’s education has also prepared him as a mechanic, and a trained welder. His additional life experience skills will help him train the children to learn different skill such as plastering, tile work, foundations, and building walls.

This month, MUCH provided $185 worth of tools to enable a new class to teach children construction related skills. MUCH will continue to provide tools each year to complete their wish list. I am very excited to see the children develop these new skills.

Ternava Village School

MUCH has been helping the Ternava Village School improve their education program for a few years. They are doing great with what we have provided. They are a community of educators and students who are most eager to take what God has given them and develop it to the max. In this picture, you can see that the elementary children are making good use of the interactive white board. The children enjoy the hands-on learning experience.

You can see the Christian cross on the wall. This school was originally developed by a Greek Catholic Priest many years ago. Although it is a government funded school, the spiritual foundation remains strong. My vision for this school is to become a hub that will reach out to of spiritual activities that will reach out to other schools and communities.

The music teacher, in red and black, shared with us the singing talents of three of her students. First, they sang a beautiful song as a quartet. The second song was a delightful duet.

The director has a vision for her music teacher to provide lessons to play musical instruments, but the school doesn’t have any. The highest priority on their list of musical instruments is a piano. We will address this dream in the October newsletter.

Sveta’s Journey

How can you teach children the interaction of chemicals without a live demonstration? How can you teach a child to work on a computer without having a computer? One of the directors said that the teachers must use abstract concepts to teach concrete experiences. Without the necessary equipment, the teachers must explain “on their fingers.”

In January 2017, MUCH added several new projects. In August, three village’s schools, the orphanage and Transit Home received help. MUCH could not provide the entire list of needs that they shared with us. Each teacher chose from this list several priority items. With the money of our sponsors, the mission purchased five notebooks, a tablet, an interactive whiteboard, sports equipment, a microscope, chemical reagents for chemistry lessons, equipment for physics lessons, construction tools for the construction class, a Swedish wall, and massage aids for $4,429.

In September we visited a small school in the village of Migovo. They are preparing for winter. Behind the school by the outhouse, the pile up the wood and coal that they will use to heat the school.

MUCH bought two notebooks and a tablet for this school. I was impressed as Maria, the teacher, taught three children a natural science lesson with a high professionalism suitable for as a class of thirty students. When Maria teaches, she shows how she loves her profession and children. She teaches with maternal tenderness and at the same time, a strong focus and deep knowledge of her subject.

The students and I listened with great pleasure about the planets of our Solar System. Following her lecture on the new notebooks they were able to see the presentation as she spoke. Maria not only taught, but she involved children to take an active part in this lesson. We are very pleased that the equipment purchased by MUCH helps teachers to teach their lesson and helps children visually and physically learn new concepts.

Great thanks to all of you for helping Ukrainian children! The teachers and children are very grateful to you! In the Shostakovo village school these two boys came to us and said thank you very much for your help. I saw that this gratitude was living in their hearts.

Because of your interest in our work, prayers, and funding, all of these children are beginning a new school year with new hope! THANK YOU!

Living my dream,


You can see all of our videos at our YouTube channel.

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