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Hello family and friends,

When you shop for school needs or holiday gifts, use to set up Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope for your choice of charity to generate donations with your Amazon purchases. You would be surprised how much your purchases help MUCH.

Our journey to America was, once again, a challenge. This time we flew out of Kiev. Our train from Mykolaiv to Kiev took twelve hours. Sveta learned that there was a bus from the train station direct to the airport. We arrived at our gate in plenty of time, only to realize that our plane was late getting to Kiev.
Upon arrival at the Frankfort, Germany airport, we processed through customs, and rushing to our gate, we found that the airplane door had been closed. Once more, Sveta and I were invited to sleep on the airport chairs.

Processing through customs in Newark, New Jersey was a test of our patience. We were one of more than five hundred people being processed, most requiring finger printing, and photographing for facial recognition. We arrived at our gate two minutes before the door was closed!

As I write, we are in Florida. Our original flight from Raleigh, NC was cancelled, so we were given a voucher for a hotel room. I make a point to remember, “It could always be worse.”

Mark’s Moments

Sveta and I have been talking about how we should expand our massage therapy program. From the beginning, God has put people in our path. I have no doubt that this will continue. Even so, we look at where the children that we serve have come from. Children from Baby Houses and villages far from city medical facilities (deep villages) were found in the orphanages that we helped.
We agree that we should find, and work with children as early in their lives as possible. Sveta and I will begin our search for Baby Houses and deep villages as 2019 wraps up. One of our goals for 2020 is to train and place massage therapists in the Baby Houses and deep villages.

Sveta’s Journey

Mark and I are so grateful to our nice family Bob and Jean, Tim and Sonya, Jay and Lacy, and to our dear friends Paul and Kay, and Dan and Norma for the precious time spent together, for housing and feeding us for one week each, for love! They shared with us their lives. I learned a lot from them. It was a wonderful experience!    Three weeks ago we had a meeting with Ken and Betty who were on the board of directors of MUCH during 15 years. They continue to support us financially and prayerfully. Thank you so much our dear friends! Also we met with our board of directors, discussing current and future plans. We visited four churches and were glad to see our brothers and sisters. We continue to have meetings with other wonderful friends and sponsors!

At this time we are here, in America, but the eleven massage therapists of MUCH continue to work with children in 4 cities and 2 villages.    Ten years ago, MUCH began helping the Marganets Transition Home with the purchase of underpants, socks and slippers. All of the children who come here have dirty clothes, or are missing parts of the essential basic clothing needs. This is a great help to provide children with the necessary clothes.

Four years ago, MUCH brought the massage therapy program to the Transition Home.


Albina, a MUCH sponsored massage therapist, provides massage therapy for Mike. He re-enters the Transition Home in Marganets. Every year Mike has spent several months here. When his mother needs to drink alcohol to excess, she brings him to the Transition Home and leaves him for a few months. This year he went to the 1st grade. The problem is his club foot is swelling. It’s hard to run fully; Mike suffers from a lack of physical activity. Massage therapy during 10 days helped to restore blood circulation and relieve swelling. The pressure decreased slightly on affected ankle.

Andrew and Alex

Brothers Andrew and Alex were left alone in their house. Their mother died. Their father’s presence is unknown. The government service took the children to the hospital, and then to the Transition Home. Andrew complained of pain in his hand. He suffered a fracture of the forearm. Aching pain and poor mobility of the joint bothered him. After ten days of massage therapy, his left forearm and palm were restored. The pain went away. Alex has scoliosis. After massage therapy, the spinal curve of scoliosis disappeared.

Providing massage therapy is a big help for these children. It is so important because it is not only the massage treatment but is also the relationship with the massage therapist. They love the children with personal touch and hugs. Many children have never received hugs from their parents. They have never experienced the touch of love.

My friend told me a story about a 35 years old woman. When my friend hugged this mother of five children it brought tears to her eyes. It was first time she had received a hug in her life. Can you imagine how important it is for children to see and experience the example love and how it will affect their future lives!

“…serve one another in love.” – Galatians 5:13

Living my dream,


I know this because I have experienced the same when God works through me, beyond my ability. We thank you readers, praying hearts, sponsors, and friends.

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

You can see all of our videos at our YouTube channel.

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