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Vika is our second scholarship student

She is doing well in her program at the medical college. She reported last term that her studies were challenging but she was maintaining her grades.

This young adult lead a life of uncertainty as a child. Her parents did their best to give her a positive life in the midst of their poverty in Illichevsk. She had a good relationship with her grandmother. She told me about how she helped give her grandmother injections. This was the catalyst for her interest in nursing.

I met Vika long before I saw her at Emmaus Food Program. That was in 2004. I saw her a few more times, walking in the streets of Illichevsk. She seemed to be without friends, yet calm and pleasant .Vika’s mother was not happy about her interest in the Emmaus Food Program. The Baptist Church is viewed as a sect by many people in Ukraine. This did not stop Vika from building a strong relationship with the manager of Emmaus. She saw the value and kindness of the people.

By the time I met up with her at Emmaus, she was full of enthusiasm and hope. She continues to project the same personality today. Don’t miss seeing her video.

Our goal for Vika in the coming school year is $760.

Will your $10 help Vika complete her nursing degree?

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