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A good friend of ours, Roman, worked for two years on replacing a small dacha house with a total rebuild for a main residence for his family. He continued to expand his new home. The war came to Ukraine, and then to Mykolaiv. With no options, he sent his family to another country. While remaining in Mykolaiv, he had the opportunity to lead a church camp for a group of children in the village of Shostokova, about and hour drive from his home.

MUCH previously helped the children in the Shostokova school, updating education equipment. We were pleased to sponsor the camp event for the children this summer. 

Roman and his team brought a great camp program to the children. Lots of fun and games for the children. While the war raged on, the children had moments of patriotism. They were reminded of their part in keeping thoughts strong and positive about the Ukrainian soldiers and their love for their country.

A few months ago, the son of my friend Vika was wounded in the war. After treatment in the hospital, he was at home for some time. When she baked pies for him, he said that the guys from his team were so lacking in homemade pies. This is how the idea of baking pies for soldiers was born. Vika bought everything she needed to implement this idea with her small pension. Now, for the second month, MUCH is financially helping this woman to buy the necessary ingredients for pies for the soldiers.

Those who help others in various ways understand how wonderful it is to feel useful and be involved in the lives of others! This is the life of giving! Vika helps Ukrainian soldiers in the difficult conditions of the war to remember the aroma of home, the aroma of family when their mothers or wives were baking pies. Vika bakes pies with fruit and other fillings! The guys come and take away this delicious work of Vika’s hands. They are very grateful to her for such unusual delicious support! And we are grateful to you dear friends!

There is a small town seven kilometers from the border with Russia. Sasha and his friends came to tell people about the love of Jesus and give them food help.

In this house there are three apartments where people live. Sasha and his team sang songs about the grace of God to these people and also gave them food.

Thank you very much for financially and prayerfully supporting us and those who work and serve for the Ukrainian people and children! Thanks to you, we are able to send money to these workers!

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

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