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Compassionate Hearts

The war has severely impacted our massage program, but we still have three courageous women who stayed in Ukraine and work tirelessly to help children desperately in need of massage therapy. Check out this 2.5 minute video to see these women in action.

Natasha, Ira, and Dr Natalia have compassionate hearts for children with disabilities. You can meet some of the children with disabilities who remain in Ukraine. MUCH continues to serve them through these women.

Ira, an injection nurse, had just finished a massage therapy course when we met her in 2013. Having worked with MUCH for ten years since then, she has developed a quite busy business as a home visit massage therapist. The war didn’t slow her down. A mother of a teen daughter and a twenty-something son, Ira keeps quite busy providing massage therapy for children of all ages. Ira and her clients are pleased with the results.

Natasha began with us in 2010 at the orphanage. From that time, she has developed her special interests in how massage is related to speech therapy, emotional trauma, and spinal positioning, among other childhood problems. (MUCH provided this vibro platforma to help children develop balance, among other developmental delays.)

Aside from her work at the orphanage, Natasha opened her own clinic in her town, and also provides home visit treatment. In spite of the war, she moves forward with great compassion for children with special needs.

Dr. Natalia spearheaded the massage therapy program with MUCH in 2004. By 2016, she had developed a clinic with three specialists on staff. Always improving her knowledge, she provides the best rehabilitation in her region.

Dr. Natalia continues to have a big heart for children with extreme disabilities. Over the years, she has seen many children receive results that other doctors completely rejected.

These are the three fearless massage therapists who remain in service with the original MUCH program.

Your support helps them reach out to those children in great need! Thank you for reading our updates and share our stories.

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