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Our current mission is to help people survive the war, especially children. We find so many needs that it is overwhelming. So, we help as many people as we can, thanks to our generous and compassionate donors.

People who received help last year

continue to express their gratitude to you

dear friends and partners!

Thanks to your continued support, our mission continues the computer class and massage therapy program for children with disabilities in the Dobromel orphanage, and massage therapy in the city of Chornomorsk. Children with special needs who have not left Ukraine desperately need massage treatment.

Churches have been a significant factor in receiving and distributing humanitarian aid to cities and remote villages. MUCH is supporting several churches that not only deliver essentials, but also spread the word of God. Sasha travels with his youth team throughout Ukraine to bring faith and hope to people through songs.

The youth team from the Ovidiopol church travel great distances to visit people in remote villages who long for hope and to hear the word of God. They sing songs and talk with people. In the summer, this youth team held a camp for children. The children were delighted!

Our volunteer in Kharkiv, Vika, bakes sweets for soldiers defending Ukraine. Soldiers taste her sweets at the front line and in the hospitals. She also reaches out to individuals whose health needs are not being met.

They didn’t have money for medication, or medical equipment. Your donations helped some families and elderly people like this in last years Christmas fundraiser.

Last week Andrew, Tanya, and their team began plowing the gardens of fellow villagers so that the land would be prepared for spring. They also continue to feed the hungry and bake bread.

We, and our Ukrainian team, could not do any of this without you! Your prayers are very important! We also pray for you that the Lord will bless you with His mercy and grace! We help as many people as we can, thanks to our generous and compassionate donors. We ask you to continue to support our service to the children and people in need. Thank you!

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