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Served these people with love

The war has torn families apart and destroyed their homes and their livelihood. Countless lives have been lost. One in three families in Ukraine are food insecure. One third are unemployed. 13 million have been displaced. Groceries are scarce and expensive. Many people cannot afford groceries because they lost their jobs, or they just don’t have the money.

Ukraine is experiencing a food crisis.

MUCH is alleviating hunger for as many people as we can. Here is a story about a selfless pastor who works tirelessly to feed the hungry and spread the word of God. MUCH is a proud supporter of Platon and his young team.

Last month a woman came to the church in Ovidiopol and asked Platon, the pastor, for food. She was very shy when she spoke of her needs. She did not have enough food to feed her two young sons. She said emotionally, “I was desperate because I didn’t have enough food for my children. I prayed to God and asked Him to show me what I should do. Suddenly, I thought of the church, which is located on the next street from my house”. Platon graciously gave her the food she needed. Now this woman comes to church every week where she can hear the word of God and get food.

Platon has a network of churches and charities that send him food to distribute. He sends food packages through-out Ukraine, to people in need, rehabilitation centers, charity homes, nursing homes, hot spots at the front lines, and even prisons.

Platon and his youth team recently visited a church in the village of Skhidne, near Kherson. Their goal was to cheer up the people who have lived under Russian occupation for eight months. They remain under enemy fire. Their pastor left Ukraine. They have no preachers, and no Sunday school teacher. These wonderful people are hungry for hope and to hear the Word of God.

Platon and his team served these people with love. They brought sixty-five food packages to the villagers, handed out Bibles to them, spoke about the love of Jesus, sang and recited poetry.

How wonderful it is that many have the opportunity to be a part of God’s mission! Every time we help people, we realize that we are partners in God’s work!

We are very grateful to you, whose hearts are compassionate to those in need!

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