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Friends and supporters of MUCH,

I know Christmas was a while ago, but Sveta and I thought you would enjoy knowing just how much we accomplished with your donations for our Christmas Fundraiser. The needs in Ukraine are so great and our mission is small, but Christmas Fundraiser was successful, and you have made a big difference in the lives of many people!

Our friend Vika, who lives in Kharkiv, is a very active volunteer. She and her friend bake perishke for the soldiers so that they can enjoy homemade pastries. Vika helps everyone she can, especially elderly people and single mothers with children.

Vika asked MUCH if we could help some families. We used some of your Christmas donations to help these families, and others in various areas of the country.

  • A single, young woman with two children living in a home without electricity

Received a generator!

  • We provided medicine, food, and clothes for two children, and firewood for heat.

Their mother has been disabled since childhood.

  • We bought food and medicine for two elderly women.
  • MUCH provided medicine and an eggshell mattress for Valentin, who is 72 years old.

He is suffering from bedsores.

  • We bought diapers, medicine, and a wheelchair for a paralyzed woman.

Now she can move around her apartment.

  • Oksana, a mother of two children, expressed her great gratitude for the support you gave her! She said that she felt that she was not alone, that you helped her to feel the shoulder of a friend! Her landlord raised the rental price. Oksana was forced to move to the village. The cost of winter wear for children is as expensive as for adults.

Nutrition and recovery after ear surgery for her younger daughter also requires a considerable amount of money.

  • Sasha, the father of eleven children, received a generator! Now they can operate the water well, wash clothes, cook, and take hot showers.
  • We were also able to help a single woman and her elderly father buy a new tankless heating system. Her 20-year-old old boiler broke down.
  • A group of soldiers received camouflage clothing.
  • We sponsored a humanitarian aid distribution program in a church in Mykolaiv and another in Ovidiopol. They provided food and supplies to people in many locations where people are in great need.
  • We bought some materials for a family to help repair their home after a bomb severely damaged it.

See a one-minute video of how your contributions helped. Here!

Sometimes people find it difficult to express their gratitude in words or to share their feelings. But the tears of gratitude speak louder than any words. Such sincere gratitude makes us understand that these people feel their significance because you gave them a piece of your heart! It makes us happy! We believe it makes you happy too!

The needs in Ukraine are so great, but Christmas Fundraiser was successful, and you have made a big difference in the lives of many people!

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