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During my fourteen days with thirteen children, I learned many things about the value of life. Seven children, ages 5, 10, 12, and 15, as natural as could be, lived out each day in front of me. With so many children, I expected more conflict. There was very little crying, no fighting, and a lot of cooperation.

At the church service, I saw a lot of little children. I learned that they were all adopted or foster children also. Where does all of this love come from? As parents with very strong Christian values, these people all received a spirit fed upbringing. The brothers and sisters from the same family learned from their father, who has recently passed on to his final reward. They learned from their mother about love being the main focus in life. They learned it as children, during the soviet times. Now, they live it, with powerful hearts for the God whom they serve

This man who lived as a Christian during soviet times was a leader in planting churches is his area of Crimea. The final church that he started was in his own home. His eight children all have children of their own and many are fostering children in need. This family church continues to exist as five families gather to strengthen the Spirit in their lives as they walk the walk that they talk.

There are so many children existing in dangerous environments in this country. I heard a story about a mother filling the baby bottle with wine instead of milk. This child is now in a loving home, but his past has scared him in many long lasting ways. This country has struggled through nineteen years of change, paying dearly for their freedom. The children suffer the most.

The foster child program is new in Ukraine. In Christian homes, I am seeing great results. Parents who have already raise a family of their own are reaching out to help the children most in need. Ukraine is moving forward, slowly but surely. The children who are being taken into Christian homes will become strong citizens of the future. There is hope.

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