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Hello family and friends,

Easter 2022

This Easter we shared the tradition of Easter breakfast with Lusia’s Family. It began at 10AM and continued through 4PM. We had a great feast that was followed by a walk to the children’s park. We returned a few hours later to eat more and have more family conversation.

Something about this day reminded me of my family holidays growing up. I thought about it for a while. As I write, I begin to understand what it was. It was the hunger of the spiritual connection of Easter and the physical experience of family. I felt the physical experience of family yesterday.

For so many Christmases and Easters, I have said that everyday is Christmas and everyday is Easter. I always felt that something was missing each year when I would experience these holy days. Now I know what it was. I missed the hunger for the spiritual experience. I missed the hunger because the hunger has been satisfied, it has been full in my heart and spirit every day, ever since I entered into that family relationship with God forty-six years ago. I wish this for all who hunger for the Spirit of Easter.

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

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