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What fills us with warm memories when we think about our early days?

People can think about their warm houses with many toys, big trees in their yards and delicious pies that their mothers or grandmothers baked. And I even heard that in the world there are museums of childhood where both adults and children like to go. When I look back to my childhood I remember my favorite doll, books that I liked to look through and read and the time at my grandmother’s house. A hundred pleasant memories from our childhood can make us happy! We can remember them looking through old pictures or when we come across some things that are dearest to our hearts.

Recently Mark introduced me to something that is not common in our country. It is a colorful quilt that many children in America have from their birth. Mark told me that children carry their “banky” with them until it is in shreds.

That was new for me. I remember my first impression when I saw a stack of bright quilts brought by Mark from America. They were amazing! Bears, flowers and dolls of lively colors can make any person happy! The quilts were donated to Mark’s children in Ukraine by a quilting club in America.

The most pleasant time was when we brought the quilts to the rehabilitation center to give them to children. The director of the center invited the youngest children to her office. We spread some quilts on the floor for each child and let children sit on them. The children were numb, they could only say: “yes, I like it.” I think they had never seen such beautiful quilts before. Next time when we came to the center with some quilts, two mothers were waiting for us. I saw how excited they were when they saw the quilts.

I can imagine how much joy those blankets have brought to the children and their parents. One of the mothers told me that her child likes to sit on the blanket and very often in the evening he falls asleep on it.

I am really glad that some children from the center now have bright quilts that can bring them peace and comfort. I am sure that they will remember them all of their lives.

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