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Summer is coming and it means that soon we will enjoy another of God’s seasons – warm, sunny, with scents of fields’ flowers, fresh fruits, and many other pleasures. For children, I think, it is a very special time when they have their vacations and can spend much more time outside.

As you know, the mission of MUCH is to help children in need. They have many groups whom they serve. For 8 years this mission has been helping children from Emmaus Club with food, equipment, materials and other things. All help comes to these children from individuals through MUCH. I am very thankful to each who serves the children from difficult homes. It doesn’t matter how big your financial gift is, be sure that it will help the children to feel love and care. Even in summer these children can see God’s love for them. Each summer children from Emmaus Club spend their time in the Christian children’s camp that is run by the local Baptist church. For several years MUCH has sponsored the Emmaus children to attend the camp. It is a great assistance for the Baptist church because in the camp the biggest number of children is from orphanages and of course from the Emmaus Club.

These two categories are children who need not only to be fed, but also need love and friendship that they can find at that camp. For many of them the camp is a good shelter from different dangers that they are surrounded by in this cruel world. Usually from the camp, children return to their negative environment bringing positive emotions to their orphanages or to their families. I know some of these children who maintain these emotions and experiences throughout the whole year.

Looking at these children and knowing their lives, I am very appreciative to those who help MUCH support the children even during summer time. I can say that the generosity of MUCH is a great example for Ukrainian people. Because it is not important how rich you are financially but it is more important to be rich in humanity.

Please, be looking forward to hearing some stories about the July camp in the August Ira’s insights.

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