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Stories That Touch Your Heart

How often are you overwhelmed in your life? What can stop you from thinking about yourself, but cause you to think about others? All people have vital needs – they want to eat, drink, and they want to be happy. But I am sure that in your life you have met special people who want to be as “everyone else is.” Their needs are special. They want to be healthy and do what other people do without any limitations.

Last week Mark and I visited one family where there is a special girl. Her name is Sasha L. She will be 5 years old in the end of January. She is the second child in her family. When she was born, no doctor told her mother that this child had some problems. On the contrary, they assured her mother that everything was well with Sasha. The mother saw some strange things in the physical development of her daughter and she addressed the doctors not only one time, but they didn’t see any serious problems. In spite of the assurances of the doctors, Sasha’s mother continued to show her child to doctors. When Sasha was 2 years old, the doctors had to acknowledge that this girl had the special disease that is called Cerebral Palsy. In her second year, she couldn’t walk and jump as children of her age. At that time Sasha’s mother learned about the massage clinic of MUCH, and she joined it. Also they started to visit “Gold Angel” – the rehabilitation center in Odessa. It was the beginning of a new life for Sasha’s family. They knew with what they had to fight. In her small cozy flat where her family lives, there is some nice equipment for Sasha’s physical rehabilitation that her father made with his own hands.

Sasha has had much progress since she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Today this girl is “a ball of fire”. She likes to dance, do crafts, learn poems, and walk. Although her balance is still developing, every new step is a great joy for her mother. Looking at this girl and her mother, I was overwhelmed with the progress that this girl has, with her desire to move forward to have better results.

Each little bit of progress, her new steps, are a great gratitude to those who support the massage clinic for such children as Sasha. I am sure that Sasha will have a nice future because in my city there is a massage clinic from MUCH!

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