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Hello family and friends,

The Search Goes On!

In our search for more missionaries to work with MUCH, I thought that it would be helpful to clarify some details.

What is a missionary? A missionary is a member of a religious group sent into an area to proselytize and/or perform ministries of service, such as education, literacy, social justice, health care, and economic development. (

MUCH is a Christian missionary non-profit organization that focuses on children in three major categories of care: Healthcare, Education, and Clothing. As we meet the basic needs of the children, doors open to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Currently working in three cities and a village, our goal is to connect the children with a church in their area. Our new goal is to have one or more missionaries who specialize in children’s ministry. We want them to connect with the children we serve more often, possibly living much closer to the children than Sveta and I do. Our location goal at this time for one new missionary is to live around the Lviv area, northwestern Ukraine.

Are you, or someone you know, looking for an opportunity to: help disabled or disadvantaged children, touch their spiritual lives, and change their lives in big ways? If so, contact me.

Mark’s Moments

How does MUCH grow?

One question that a number of people have asked over the years is, “Why are your missions in cities that are so far from each other.” My answer is “These are the people that God has prepared for us,” or “These are the doors that God has opened for us to walk through.

Here is one example of how MUCH has grown in the past fourteen years. God has guided us through a natural process. For instance, after visiting the Dobromel Orphanage for a number of years, when the time was right, my eyes were opened to the healthcare needs of the children. I hired a translator from Lviv to help me with a meeting with the director at the orphanage. We discussed massage therapy and I suggested a twenty-day demonstration (Sveta had not yet entered my life). The director  found a massage therapist, and I found Sveta. The twenty-day demonstration showed results, and the rest is history.

Our newest computer teacher!

Olga was a student of the orphanage director at the Ternava village school a number of years ago. We interviewed her last year and found her to be filled with great ideas and enthusiasm. During our May visit, Sveta and I stopped in to watch her work with her children in the computer classroom. It was obvious that she had made progress with them. When they did well, Olga would teach them some English words and phrases as a bonus. We were very impressed.

Sveta’s Journey

Misha is a ten year old boy. He has a severe type of cerebral palsy which includes being non-verbal. He lived seven years with his family who loves him. Misha is a friendly and quiet boy. He can speak only three or four words and cannot be left alone to care for himself. His parents  made every effort to overcome the effects of cerebral palsy. After many years and much heartache, his parents decided to bring their son to the Dobromel Orphanage that specializes in teaching children who have disabilities. For the parents, this would enable both to work away from the home.

It happened that we saw Misha receiving massage therapy. Natasha, our massage therapist, was giving him the second course of massage therapy. It was nice to see how one child helped him put his sweat pants on after massage therapy. Patiently and lovingly, she explained how she wanted Misha to raise his leg to receive the sweat pants.

Luba, the computer teacher, taught Misha a lesson on the computer tablet. When she was busy with other children, one girl happily helped Misha and explained to him how to do the task. She gently held his finger and helped him touch the letter and drag it to the location on the tablet. It is easy for other children but is a difficult task for him. A second game program teaches the child to connect the dots with his finger to get the letter and remember it visually. For Misha this task is difficult. We believe that step-by-step, we will see some progress, even if it is only in small advances.

I am glad that this child is not left on the sidelines. Working with Misha requires a lot of time with few, if any, results. We are pleased that these teachers see value in spending time with Misha.

Massage therapist Natasha showed some results Misha has achieved working on the treadmill. After each treatment, she works with him on the treadmill. In the beginning he could not walk on it. Natasha arranged his feet one after the other, explaining the process. Now he is very actively arranging his feet, and he is running on this track! This is wonderful progress! This treadmill was purchased for the Dobromel Orphanage with money donated by you, dear friends! This is a great investment. It will change the lives of these children in Ukraine! Thank you!

Living my dream,


Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

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