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I’ve been back in Ukraine for 17 days. My body and mind have adjusted; my twice-a-week cook has returned from her vacation in the village, visiting her grandmother; and I still have hot water. What more could I ask for? It is good to be back to the sights and sounds that I call home. See my post Home Sweet Home. Natasha and Vika took good care of my flat while I was away.

What’s happening this summer? Summer is an organizational time for me. Even so, I will visit the children in Marganets in July. I hope to visit the children in Dobromel, too. I want to have the neurologist from Borislav come to Illichevsk to share his specialties with our massage clinic team. Ira tells me that her church will provide camp for the disabled in September, but that is not a final date.

I met a friend while I was out walking the other day. He is now working with a realtor, specializing in summer rentals. He said the cost for a small flat is about $60 a day. I’m not sure if that is with a view of the Black Sea or if it is anywhere in Illichevsk. How things have changed in the past seven years!

As Ukraine develops as a country and as an economy, the problems of the children remain. The biggest need for most of our children is to have regular activities that they can participate in during the summer. This is nothing new, of course, but finding a solution would be something new for our children. At the Marganets orphanage, the problem was solved last summer by purchasing some sports equipment for summer use. Here in Illichevsk, church camp is offered to the Emmaus children and a special camp for the children with disabilities. Pastor Volodya provides a camp for the children at Dobromel Orphanage. Summer is a long time. The camp activities last about a week, so what else can we do?

Ira has some news about one group of our children who are dear to her heart.

The minds of our children are fertile soil waiting to be planted. The big question is, who will be the first to plant in this soil, and will it be good seed, or not? I am here to set the example, as God leads me. It is a big job. Our team continues to grow as time goes on. I say thank you to all of the team who reach out, each in their own special way. To others, I want to encourage you to see things through Ira’s eyes. Don’t hesitate, step up to the plate, get involved, and change the world of tomorrow by changing the children of today!

Blessing of love and healing,


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