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This time I’d like to tell you about children from the Christian Club Emmaus.

This club is for special children, children from underprivileged families.

In our church the first priority is children. Many people understand this simple truth: “The future depends on today.” Children who attend the club are the future of our church, our city, our country. They are the adults of tomorrow. That’s why there is a club in our city called Emmaus. The main goal of the program is to give them as much love as we can and to show them good examples of life. We want them to understand how much God loves them. I know that many who read my stories support this program financially. And you want to know what is happening in the club and how God changes our children’s minds.

Several weeks ago our church held a contest “Brain Ring” for the children who attend Sunday schools in the Illichevsk church and Illichevsk region. The contest was about the Bible characters and events. Most of the questions were about Old Testament. The contest consisted of two tournaments.
And do you know who the winners of the contest were? Children from Emmaus Club! They said it was a real surprise for many people! The prize for winners was a trip to Odessa and to visit the zoo.

I pray to God about these children and hope that the knowledge about the Bible will help them to change their futures.

I know that the desire of each person who works with these children or cooks for them, or supports them financially is to change their lives. May God help us to understand that it is one of the most important ministries in our lives – to give our own input into the future through the lives of our children.

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