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After being in the US for two and a half months, I have returned with some new ideas, new projects, and new program possibilities. I guess that the ways things are done in America are faster because of the hunger for something new. This mentality is becoming a part of the younger people here in Ukraine. The generation born during years of freedom is not as patient as the previous generation.

Not being a business man, I am not in tune with the process of progress. It takes time. Here in Illichevsk, the people are ready for new opportunities that I might share, but it takes a lot of time to make something happen. A number of years ago, I read an article on the internet that suggested that it required a year of communication for an international business deal to come to reality. So, I am taking all of this into consideration.

My big desire is to start an equine therapy program for our children at the massage clinic. I had a great experience in Reidsville, NC at Rolling Ridge Riding . I saw what I want to do here in Illichevsk. It will take a lot of volunteers to make it happen, but that is a possibility. Their program is multi-therapeutic. They include Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, and Teaching. It all takes place in a riding ring on top of a horse.

I see the vision, I can imagine how to make it possible, but timing is the biggest part of this new program becoming a reality. God must put all of the players in place and touch their hearts. Everyone has to be ready and willing to move forward. So, equine therapy will be my focus for this year. Everyone is busy with the process of living their daily life her in Ukraine, so things tend to take a little longer. It is a hard life for most, but is particularly difficult for the parents who have children with disabilities.

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