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About twenty three years ago the personal computer was having its debut in my life, and much of the world. For me, word processing was the big thing. No more typewriter errors requiring whiteout or a total rewrite. I never would have guessed that I would be able to add data by voice, or hear data being read by my computer, rather than reading it.

And then there was internet dial up. What a new world of information. Next was email, then Skype, then video Skype, all with faster internet speed and cable access. The world was at my fingertips. My first computer had a whoppin’ forty megabyte hard drive. My current computer has a two hundred and thirty gigabyte hard drive.

In my current situation, I live in Ukraine as a humanitarian aid missionary. Email makes it so easy to communication with sponsors, family and friends. But how can I increase the number of people who are reading my newsletters, blog, and website? That is a question that my brothers and sister put before me. The answer they gave was Twitter.

Within a week, thirty three people, businesses, or groups are following my tweets (what I write). I follow about one hundred and sixty of the same. That means that I can read the latest news around the world, whether it will be from musicians, politicians, TV personalities, scientists, or my niece reporting on her lunch break. I’m in touch with the world, live, as it happens. And they are in touch with me.

What this will mean for MUCH will soon be seen. My main goal is to have the stories of my children read around the world. What we are doing with the children of disadvantage and disability is changing their lives. I want the world to know what is happening in our children’s lives. I believe that will change the world as they follow the progress of our children. My new job is to use twitter to bring our children to the world, and the world to our children.

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