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Hello family and friends,

After a rainy and cool June, we have 86 + F temperatures with cool sea breezes in the evening. I have said, “See you soon,” to my friends in Ukraine as I journeyed to America to do some fundraising for MUCH. Now in North Carolina, the temperatures are in the mid 90’s and the ground is parched, waiting for rain. This is my first summer visit in nine years. Will I survive the heat?

My fiancée, Sveta, and I have been talking about preparation for her September visit at the Dobromel Orphanage. Recently, she completed her recertification course in medical massage therapy. She and Natasha, the exercise specialist at the orphanage, will spend two weeks in Illichevsk in August, visiting our massage clinics. They will be watching, asking questions, and learning all that they can from our team of masseuses who have been working with our children for the past seven years. In September, Sveta will begin a demostration project at the Dobromel Orphanage, giving four of the children a twenty-day massage. Based on the children’s improvement and, with the approval of the Director of the orphanage, MUCH will begin its fifth massage program for special needs children.

Participating in AWANA games.

The children we serve in Dobromel all have physical or mental disabilities. Sveta and Natasha may be working with some of the children pictured above. Massage and specific exercise will improve the physical lives of our children. We expect that they will, in fact, change their future.

Pastor Volodya and his ministry team from the Borislov church have reached out to meet the spiritual needs of these children for ten-plus years. MUCH began to partner with them about three years ago, financially supporting the work they do. Together, Pastor Volodya and MUCH are reaching out to the whole of each child, hoping to equip them with what they will need to be successful in life.

Let’s see what is cooking with Ira.

Ira’s Insights

This year has been very fruitful for my church. We have had eight weddings since January. One of the most significant weddings for me was that of Victoria and Vitaly. Victoria is the youngest sister of my husband. I have already written about the life of this girl in some of my Ira’s Insights. The last story of mine was in the May Newsletter. I wrote about Victoria’s graduation from the Pedagogical University.

The life of this girl wasn’t easy or very happy. When Victoria was 5 years old, she was taken from a life-threatening environment. After finishing high school, this girl had no money, no help and it seemed – no future. However, God’s plans were different. She found good work, she was able to enter the university with the help of MUCH, and at last, God sent a great man into her life. Those who know Vitaly and Victoria say – God blessed both of them with each other. The love story of this young couple is a great example for many young people. Vitaly and Victoria have known each other since their childhood. They attended the same church, the same youth group. When the time came for them to find a second half of their life, they started praying. At that time, they didn’t know that God had prepared them for each other. Their announcement as a future couple at the church in May of this year was a big surprise for many people. On the second of July, it was their wedding at the church. There were many people who came to congratulate this beautiful couple.

This wedding is a good model of the fulfillment of God’s promises for those who pray, trust God, and wait. God has brought many different people into Victoria’s life for his plans to be realized. MUCH has been one of those that have impacted her life. Four years ago, Victoria entered the university. MUCH helped her with a scholarship for transportation during her four years. Today Victoria has a Bachelor degree and in the future, she is going to work with children. She is a good encouragement for those who think that there is no future in his or her life.

I am glad that MUCH continues to bless children in need with their program “Transportation Scholarship”.

I am really blessed that I can see all these wonders in the lives of children in need and it is a real honor for me to say “Thank you” to those who have been helping make these wonders happen.

Until next time,


Last year, the Emmaus Food program did not operate due to lack of funds from sources other than MUCH. Even so, the Transportation Scholarship Program (TSP), created for the Emmaus children, continued. MUCH has approved extending TSP, working through Victoria’s church and requesting Zoya, the former manager of Emmaus, to continue overseeing the program. This fall, I will be talking with Victoria about helping MUCH promote TSP. She is not only a university graduate, but she is the bride of Vitaly, son of the president of the Baptist Seminary and pastor of her church. I look forward to sharing a presentation with Victoria in her church to encourage scholastically qualified children (in need of financial help for transportation) to seek higher education. Victoria is a great role model for the children and youth of her church.

Please continue to pray for our children. With your help, we are changing their lives, giving them the opportunity to change the future of their lives and the future of their country.

Blessings of love and healing,


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