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Hello family and friends,

Christmas Fundraiser
This year our fundraiser will sponsor the village school in Ternava  and the Young Life project in Mykolaiv.

Will you help?


Promoting education and massage therapy in Ukraine have been game changers for 12 years. Help us make our Christmas fundraiser a success for our children of MUCH, again!

Ternava Project — $2,912

The children at the Ternava village school had no modern education tools when we met them. Step by step, MUCH is helping these children compete with city children. The children of the three villages that attend school at Ternava have big dreams. The sewing machines will prepare them for life tasks and job opportunities. The other items will improve and accelerate the classroom education experience. You can help by donating!

1. Sewing machines 3 x $88.78 =  $267.34
2. An embroidery machine 1 = $184.42
3. Computer Tablets for Primary school students 10 x $100.88 = $1,008.80
4. Complete wall charts for the Ukrainian Language $61.13
5. Interactive white board (smart board) 2 x $686.04 = $1,372.00
6. Medical first aid: This screen interacts with a computer, but also is touch sensitive, allowing the student or teacher to interact with the screen as he/she would with a blackboard and chalk. See video 3 x $6.05 = $18.15
Total: $2,911.84

Young life project — $1,015

This project will provide building materials for the section of the Young Life rental room that MUCH will use for massage therapy. The size of the room that will be created for MUCH will be 15 feet by 15 feet. There will be space for two massage tables and a waiting area for parents.

Any contributions over and above our goal of $3927 will be used for our ongoing monthly programs of massage therapy, computer classes, and clothing.

Mark’s Moments

New Programs

I met Illya more than two years ago. He is our daughter’s brother-in-law. Since our first meeting, I saw a passion for youth ministry in his character. He told me that for more than five years his dream has been to minister to children with disabilities. A construction worker by trade, he lives his passion as Director of the new Young Life Ministry in our district of Mykolaiv. When he asked to discuss a partnership with MUCH to reach out to children with disabilities, I was not surprised. Help us partner with Illya by donating to our Christmas fundraiser.

The orphanage in the town of Veleekey Lubin is a showcase orphanage. They have everything that a school for children with disabilities should have. There are two problems that I see. Their computer class has no teacher. They do not have a massage therapy program. These are two problems that MUCH will help with.

Our MUCH manager in Marganets introduced me to the children at the Transition Home in 2005. These children are transitioned from very bad home situations to foster homes or orphanages. The Transition Home was a ninety day program. It is now a nine month program. The director and I discussed the massage therapy program for the children. She believes that this is a great need for many of the children. The results that we will be looking for are emotional, psychological, and social. We hope that the Board of Directors will approved these programs.

Changes at the Dobromel Orphanage

It only takes a spark to get a fire going! MUCH is the spark!

One of the new tools that we provided is a lighted sandbox table. Three specialists will use this tool to connect with the inner child. They are the speech therapist, the school psychologist, and the defectologist. “Defectology is concerned with sensory, physical, and cognitive neurological impairment.”

Another set of tools that the therapists asked for are Ukrainian alphabet charts for particular letters. These letters require particular placement of  the tongue that is difficult for many children.

In January 2012, we began a massage therapy program at the Dobromel Orphanage. Now, five years and many great results later, the massage therapy-exercise program has two newly remodeled rooms. The rooms are more spacious and there is plenty of room for the exercise equipment.

Sveta’s Journey

Marganets School #3

Our time in Marganets was short but most eventful. While visiting School #3, we visited a math class to see how they were using the computer tablets to improve their learning technique. As you can see in this picture, each child also has an abacus. The math problems are on the board, and the children solve the problem using the different learning tools. You will not see these children counting on their fingers here!

There were twenty children in the class, but only eleven computer tablets. The children at the other desks took turns using the tablet on their desk.

Each city school in Ukraine focusses on one subject of study more than others. School #3 concentrates on History. We visited the history class in progress. You can see the Power Point projector from MUCH being used in connection with the computer to show a historical video. On the right, the large high quality maps from MUCH help the students visualize the location of what they are learning.

Victor, our Marganets MUCH manager, and Mark had the opportunity to share some encouraging words with the children about their value to the country of Ukraine.

I stood in the back of the classroom, taking pictures and video. As I did, one of the girls looked up at me and said, “Thank you so much for caring about us. Everything that you did helps us better understand history.”

It was a precious moment for me. This is one way that we know that the work of MUCH is appreciated. No other student said anything without being prompted. These two girls thank you, our sponsors. Mark and I thank you for making it possible to encourage the children of Ukraine for positive change!

Our connection with School #3 began with the clothing program. This school, previously at a different location, merged with Orphanage #2. There were a number of true orphans and children whose families live in poverty. These are the children that we continue to help with clothing.

Mark and I had the great pleasure to experience the children on their shopping adventure. Victor and a teacher from the school took the children shopping with a prepared list of their greatest needs .

Nine children were blessed this day because of your financial gifts to MUCH. Some of the children were given permission to wear their new clothes as they left  the store. You can see the delight in their faces.

The two boys in the back are brothers. Their family had no money for clothes. The mother died and their father wanted to send them to work instead of school. Your gifts make it possible for these boys to remain in school.

I was teasing the little boy in the front right of the picture. I asked, “What do you have?” He replied, “Shoes.” I said, “Oh, I want to also have shoes.” He hugged his new shoes tightly and said, “These are my shoes. I will not give them to anyone.” These are words of desperate need. I wish that you could have seen the expression on his face.

When I visit America, I see a very different experience. Mark tells me that there is poverty in America, but I haven’t seen it yet. I do see the poverty of children and their families every day in Ukraine. Mark and I encourage you to visit us and see first hand what life is like in Ukraine. We would love for you to meet some of the children in our stories. Another option would be to talk with us face to face, over the internet. We would really like that! You can find us on Skype at ‘markkinua’.

Living my dream,


Help us make a better life for the children! Sponsor our Christmas Fundraiser!

Thank you sponsors, readers, and those who pray for our mission. MUCH has a big team in Ukraine and in America. We each have our part to do. That is why we have been so successful in meeting the needs of children for 14 years. Thank you!

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

You can see all of our videos at our YouTube channel.

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