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Our MUCH Team, that’s you!, has worked hard to fill the need of the van for Andrew’s ministry/mission! After looking at a number of vans, Andrew decided on this VW van.

Purchased only days after completion of the fundraiser, this wonderful gift was immediately put into action! Tanya loads the van while her cat supervises.

Getting people to the mini-bakery, to the doctor, and helping to deal with emergency situations is now a reality because of your generous gift. As we approach winter, this van will be crucial to keep the lives of so many continuously moving.

Andrew and Tanya sent this message for you:

Thanks to everyone who donated money to purchase this van. Now we have the opportunity to expand the scope of helping those in need! Thank you for your kind, loving hearts!

We will use the van for the following:

We will bring flour and additional humanitarian aid from other cities for distribution to people.

We will collect and return our volunteers to bake bread, and serve bread to other people.

I am the leader of the worship team at another church in Mykolaiv, so while traveling there and back, I collect more humanitarian item from that church.

We are grateful that we can help transport the sick to the hospital and doctor office visits.

In the fall I will use the van to bring a walk-behind tractor to my fellow villagers’ gardens.

We plan to quantitatively expand these ministries.

Your kindness and love are two of the strongest forces. Kindness is what the deaf will hear and the blind will see. It is love and kindness that fill our lives with meaning and make it happier and brighter. Thanks to your participation, our dear partners, we have the opportunity to do many good deeds for people and convey to them the love of God.

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