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This family of eleven children are surviving the war with the help of MUCH. In March, we shared the story of how MUCH provided a generator for their home. Life is much easier now. Their lives are uninterrupted by power outages. They shared with Sveta and me a dream of starting a chicken and duck Mini-Farm to help feed their family.

Sasha, father of these wonderful eleven children, and his youth team travel to different cities and villages of Ukraine to tell people about the love of Jesus. For this reason, he is not often at home. His children operate the Mini-Farm under the supervision of their mother. They wake up early and run to visit their chickens and ducks. They feed them, pluck green grass for them to eat, and pour clean water in the trough to drink. The children enjoy watching and learning about life through these creatures. Of course, Sasha and his wife teach their children what to do.

Sasha wrote:

“Sincerely, sincerely, I thank you!!!! This is God’s great mercy to us … We also thank all of you who contribute to such a blessing, such great support for large families!!!! May God abundantly bless you and your sponsors who sincerely love their neighbors. Thank you for not forgetting about us … May the Lord’s BLESSINGS be abundant upon each of you!!!!”

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