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Your financial support for Ukraine through Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope is helping to feed those in need. In this update we will report on a very encouraging project.
In the spring, MUCH provided a rototiller for Andrew and Tanya to till the gardens of neighbors in need. See the June 7 update . They have another project that will also help Ukrainians help themselves. This is the goal of MUCH, to help Ukrainians become self-sustaining.

They created a Mini-Bakery that serves their village community on the northern border of Mykolaiv with free, fresh baked bread. With your financial support they were able to buy the wood burning oven, 2 aluminum tables, a hood, 10 confectionery cooling grids, and 2 dough mixers.

The Mini-Bakery is producing thirty loaves of bread per day, three times per week. The wood burning oven is baking very tasty bread. It is available for people to pick up at the bakery. Andrew and his friends deliver fresh baked bread to homes of people in need, whether they be from the local village community, or in the northern section of the city of Mykolaiv. When you make yourself available for God’s work, He will send people to help. It happened with Andrew and Tanya. They have a team of six volunteers helping them!

It’s good that you (MUCH) allocate money for gasoline. Andrew had to drive 2 times to the city. He did not know that so many products would be allocated. The first time he went in his car, and then he hired a panel van, here in our village. He paid the driver for gasoline and work. He also rented a car, since he can’t drive far in our a thirty- year-old Lada.

Thank you for suggesting that we can ask for help for gasoline, as this is support that we really need. Praise the Lord for everything! We love you! We appreciate your support and that of your partners. Our thanks raise to the Lord for bringing all of you into our lives. We bless you in the name of Jesus Christ!

Andrew and Tanya, creators of the Mini-Bakery, recently wrote this letter to Sveta and me:
One month ago, we received a call from a pastor who lives 30 km away from us. He offered humanitarian aid (flour, vegetable oil, oatmeal, peas). These products come from the United Nations program. We bake bread with this flour. The flour has a very good quality!

Last week a curator from the United Nations mission visited us to see what we are doing. It so happened that we were baking bread on that day. He suggested that the flour should be stored on pallets rather than on the cement floor. Andrew brought three pallets yesterday. Now we will shift the bags of flour onto pallets. We will continue to cooperate with the United Nations mission.

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