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Have you ever known of a people whose lives were consumed and devoted to helping others, but did little for themselves?
Andrew and his wife Tanya are such people.
They live in a small village that is a 30-minute drive to the city. They are active in their church where Andrew is the music director, plays piano, and sings.
If you remember in one of our previous newsletters, Andrew is the one who we bought the tiller for. It was late in the planting season, so he tilled only three large gardens in his village. He is a hero to the women who thought they would not be able to have a much- needed garden this year.

He and his wife, Tanya, donated the use of their garage for a kitchen and a bakery to serve the hungry. They offer food along with the freshly baked bread twice a week. The Saturday that Sveta visited, they baked 60 loaves of bread!

There are very few people who own cars in the village so Andrew provides many services for those in need. He drives those without transportation to doctor appointments and hospital visits in the city. He picks up flour and supplies for the bakery, delivers bread to those who can’t pick it up, and brings workers to the bakery and home again. He makes himself available to drive anyone in need to the city. He’s always on the go!

All his work requires transportation. After numerous repairs and patchwork, his 44-year- old Lada car finally refused to run.

Andrew and Tanya’s hearts were broken. They would no longer be able to help those in need. Who would drive the sick to the doctors and the hospital? Who would deliver the bread? How would they get supplies for their kitchen? How would they get workers to the kitchen? Who would transport supplies for humanitarian aid?

Many sleepless nights they asked themselves these questions and prayed to God to send them help so they could continue to serve others.

This is not a typical project for MUCH, but because Andrew and Tanya touch and improve so many lives, we felt that by helping Andrew and Tanya, we would be helping many more people now and in the future.

MUCH would like to be a part of the solution. With your help, Andrew and Tanya can continue their good works.

MUCH needs to raise $6,500 to buy Andrew a suitable used vehicle.

But the most awesome news is that we have a donor who will match dollar for dollar, up to $3,250. So, we only need to raise $3,250.

Your donation will ensure that Andrew and Tanya’s charitable work will continue.

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