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Hot off the press!!

My first book has been published by authorHouse, a self-publishing company. You can take a look at it, and if you are so inclined, order a copy of JC and Me, A Relationship, A Journey. My cousin asked if maybe I had a ghost writer helping me. I said, “Yes, the Holy Ghost.” I give due credit to my spiritual Co Writer. More information will be on the MUCH website soon. Next year, The Children of My Life will be published. It will tell many of my stories and experiences with the children of Ukraine, the people, the culture, my spiritual growth, and some poems that express how deeply I have been touched by my seven years in Ukraine. The rights to these books will be donated to MUCH, so all proceeds will be used for outreach to our children in Ukraine.

More than a month has passed since I left Ukraine to visit America. Our children in Ukraine are constantly in my thoughts. I speak of them frequently. I have seen my presentation a hundred times, but never get tired of seeing our children. I guess that must be how parents feel about their own children.

Several weeks ago, I was in Butler, Pennsylvania, the land of my youth. It was great to walk the streets of my home town and see how it has changed. I also visited Slippery Rock University, my alma mater. I gave presentations to two university classes studying Recreation Therapy. I also made contacts with five professionals who are interested in helping our children with special needs. They represent the Department of Special Education, Adapted Physical Education, and Equestrian Therapy. What I saw at the Equestrian Therapy Program in Slippery Rock will help us to promote the use of equine assisted therapy in Illichevsk. I hope to see student representatives from each these specialties visit us in Ukraine.

On our way to Pennsylvania, we stopped in Beckley, West Virginia. Kelly C. was waiting to meet me and see my presentation with her church. Kelly is an equestrian and is very interested in equestrian assisted therapy. She and a few of her equestrian friends would like to visit Illichevsk and introduce equestrian assisted activities to our therapists and disabled children. When a child rides a horse, the movement of the horse causes muscles in the child to work. This can improve balance and strengthen many muscle groups. I look forward to Kelly’s team’s visit in the future.

I am in Florida for two weeks giving presentations to retirement communities, churches, schools, and friends who are interested. My goal is to show evidence of God’s activity in Ukraine through MUCH. I am a living witness of these events over the past seven years. Fund raising is moving along very well here. But I am experiencing a greater delight. As I see people that I met two years ago, they talk about my newsletters. That says to me that my goal of communicating what is happening through MUCH is being met. God continues to bless the mission that we began seven years ago through my team and me. I am constantly amazed what God can do through me.

Blessings of love and healing,


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