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Early intervention.

This time I’d like to share a story with you about a family for whom early intervention has played a great role.

Eva D. is a cute little girl of nine months. She was born with some neurological problems. When she was born, she had to stay in the hospital to receive treatments for some time. Her parents didn’t take it seriously. They thought that the treatments in the hospital would be enough, and that everything would be well with their child. Some time later, they noticed some peculiarities in her physical development. Eva couldn’t hold her neck straight or turn herself to either side, as children her age normally do. In general, she was very weak.

When her parents saw the neurologist, they were advised that Eva should receive early intervention. They were told that there was a massage clinic in Illichevsk that meets the needs of children with such problems. The neurologist told them to begin treatments for their child as soon as possible. The parents addressed the local Center of Family and Youth that collaborates with Mark Koehler. This government department organizes the list of patients who receive treatments at the massage clinic. The parents came to the center with a health certificate from the neurologist. They were received pleasantly, and soon their child had her first massage.

The parents were very satisfied with the results after the first massage. By the end of the 20-day massage course, Eva was able to keep her balance when she was sitting and even tried to crawl. It was a great success after only one 20-day massage course. The neurologist said that Eve began treatment at the correct time in her physical development. She has high hopes that continued early intervention will help Eve have a normal physical development and avoid future disabling characteristics.

This is only one of the stories of how the clinic has proven its necessity, helping children to improve their health and have a normal childhood.

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