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On June seventh, I will return to Illichevsk, Ukraine.

You may ask, “What has Mark been doing in May?” The answer, in a few words, is that I have been telling my story. In Florida, I shared my story on more than sixteen occasions and showed my presentation to more than one hundred people. Since I’ve been back in North Carolina, I have showed my presentation to a number of small groups and a church. I guess that you could say that I’ve been busy. And my team has been busy keeping me busy.

Since I became a missionary, my awareness of humanitarian activity has increased. There are so many people in great need around the world. The most-asked question of me has been, “Why Ukraine?” I have only one answer. It is where God has called me to serve His children. The numerous positive results are proof that it was a calling. It was no coincidence that many people were waiting for the opportunity to use their gifts to help the children of their country. I went to Ukraine, God provided my needs, and the Ukrainian people whom He had prepared to do His work were introduced to me over time, through normal circumstances.

It is so wonderful to see people with caring hearts for those who are less fortunate. In the midst of their own difficulties, they see our children with great needs and respond. We are seeing good results in each group of children that we serve. The MUCH team is changing the future of our children. It is a long process, but we are committed to helping them build a better life for themselves. Here is one example from the massage clinic in Illichevsk.

I thank everyone who makes my work in Ukraine possible. MUCH is a team effort. Together we can improve the living conditions, educational and healthcare opportunities, and self-images of more than four hundred children in three different cities.

Blesssings of love and healing,


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