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Since MUCH came to Ukraine, God has been doing marvelous things in its ministries.

Since that time, many people have opened their hearts to help children in need. Their financial support has brought a hope in the lives of those children. All those positive changes have been happening before my eyes.

I feel joy in my heart when I meet people who are interested or have desire to help ministries of MUCH. They are heroes of the present time. Recently I spoke to one such person. His name is Benjamin. He is a member of Rotary Club in Odessa. In the beginning of April he called me on the phone and told that their club had received a letter from some Rotary Clubs in America. They wanted to know more about the clinic and help it in future through the club in Odessa. Benjamin wanted to speak with Mark Koehler, the representative of MUCH, but unfortunately Mark wasn’t in Illichevsk at that time (He had left for America).

The meeting was at the clinic. We spoke about the clinic and its needs. Benjamin was very interested and said that he would give the report of our meeting to his organization (Rotary Club). Also he visited the Rehabilitation Centre where he met with the pedagogical staff of the centre. The director of one of the organizations for the disabled showed Benjamin the center.

I believe that the help of Rotary Club will be in time. It is not a secret that in spite there are the clinic and the rehabilitation centre in Illichevsk, at the moment there are a lot of problems that could be solved with the help of Rotary. I know that the director of the organization has prepared a long list of needs for Benjamin but for now the biggest problem for the center is to find finances to pay a wage to an instructor of therapeutic physical training. Children who receive massage at the center need to have someone to provide special exercises. These special exercises would help children to maintain the result after the massage treatment that would prolong their progress.

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